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Aldebaran - Free Power Point Template

Aldebaran - Free Power Point Template

I wanted to make a PowerPoint with a fabric theme, so I created Aldebaran using denim fabric found on the net.

Simply using one fabric does not change the design, so using multiple fabrics as textures aims to clarify the elements and make the look more interesting.

Also, as in the previous work Vega, the animation is kept intact, and every time the slide is turned, an impressive expression is devised.

However, if you use too many textures, the overall processing will be a little heavier, so on low-spec machines, the processing may drop or the animation may not play properly.

About fonts

This time we have not adopted any new fonts. It uses Bebas Neue and Roboto, exactly the same as Procyon's font pattern.

Font Fabric

Bebas Neue Font Download at FontRiver.com

Bebas Neue used Regular and Bold weights.

Font Squirrel

Roboto Font Download at FontRiver.com

Roboto uses Regular weights only.

Among the combinations of free fonts, I think it is a combination of iron plates!

About texture
Denim textures were borrowed from Aurove Design Studio.

It is not included in the zip, so please download it from the site if you want to use it.

Aurove Design Studio


CC BY 3.0 license is applied as described in Terms & Conditions .

 About icons

Included an icon that has changed Font Awesome, which has appeared so far, in white.

Font Awesome by Dave Gandy:

Font Awesome

Go to Font Awesome icon page

It is distributed under a CC BY 3.0 license, as noted at the top of the page.

Size : 10 MB
File By : ThePoPP

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