ClothWorks v1.7.7 Download Plugin For Sketchup


Download the ClothWorks manual below:

Installation Instructions

ClothWorks Manual

Licensing Instructions

If you purchased a ClothWorks license and have not received your license file email within 30 minutes or experience any other licensing problems, please contact Include your SketchUcation username in the email.

Feedback appreciated at ClothWorks forums page

You can also check out the detailed tutorials below:


ClothWorks is a general purpose cloth and string simulator for SketchUp, for interior and exterior design. With

ClothWorks you can simulate flags, curtains, table cloth, pillows, and wires.

This manual guides you through a set of tutorials for using ClothWorks. The tutorials are ordered in a way that the first

tutorial is the most detailed and contains clear instructions and guidelines for achieving a task. The consequent tutorials

are less detailed and may require an understanding obtained from a previous tutorial. Following this guide in

chronological order will allow you to get the most out of this guide.

About this Manual

This manual covers the newer versions of ClothWorks, specifically version 1.7 and later. If you are at a previous version

of ClothWorks, it is recommended that you update to the newer release. Newer releases are available at the

SketchUcation Plugin Store.

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