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Crowded land and crowded people is a unique characteristic of Vietnamese urban areas. With familiar sayings like reaching the alley and hitting the house. Houses are close together, houses are interwoven, wall to wall. Current needs require design and construction work to be associated with aesthetics and reasonable usability. But being limited by land area has created many difficulties for design and construction. In this article, I will send you a set of townhouse drawings with an area of ​​5x10m. Includes 4 floors with full architectural drawings for your reference.
Image of architectural cross-section drawing of a 5x10m townhouse with 4 floors

With a width of only 5500mm, the designer has taken full advantage of the owner's land area.
1st floor plan:

From the first floor plan, we see that the land is uneven, the front is nearly 5500mm wide, the back is only 5000mm. The first floor is designed as a garage and a kitchen with stairs leading to the second floor. At the foot of the stairs is used as a common bathroom for the entire first floor.
2nd floor plan:

The second floor is used as a living room and a bedroom for children. With spacious living room space, children's bedroom fully equipped with necessary amenities.
3rd floor plan:

The 3rd floor is used as the main bedroom and a child bedroom. In the main bedroom, the architect cleverly reserved space to place a small table and chairs that can be used as a tea drinking space or converted into a small working area right in the bedroom. All bedrooms have bathrooms inside so they do not affect the common space.

The 4th floor is used to paint and play for the whole family. Half of the area is used to make a worship room. The lobby space on the 4th floor is arranged as a yard to plant ornamental plants to create a green space above.


The space is small and the shape of the land is not square. The architect skillfully arranged and arranged the space appropriately to meet the homeowner's requirements of aesthetics and adequate usable space.

With this way of presenting architectural drawings, students can use it as a reference for their homework or practice how to arrange drawings scientifically on autocad software.

Link to download the 5x10m townhouse drawing file with 4 floors below. If you want a drawing for any category, remember to leave it in the comments section, I will compile the request and send it to you.

Size : 2 MB
File Type : DWG

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