How to Calculate Building Area Correctly and Easily


Building a house is not an easy thing. In the process, careful calculations, planning and preparation are required so that the house being built can stand firmly and meet existing requirements.

One important aspect in the preparation process is calculating the building area carefully, to ensure that the house being built meets the specified standards.

In a Building Construction Permit (IMB), the calculation of the building area is crucial and is directly related to the requirements that must be met.

A small error in calculations can have a big impact on the process of creating building permit documents.

Therefore, it is very important for every prospective home owner to understand and follow the established guidelines for calculating the building area correctly.

The correct building area calculation process can help avoid problems and ensure that the house construction process runs smoothly. has summarized a guide on how to calculate the area of ​​a building correctly and easily, along with a review.
How to calculate the area of ​​a building manually

Applying the building area calculation formula is actually not difficult. Even though this formula is often studied since elementary school, there are still many who do not understand it well.

Before doing calculations, the first thing you need to know is the shape of the house plan that will be calculated. Why? Because this method of manually calculating the area of ​​a building requires a different formula according to the shape of the house.

For example, a house with a square shape will use the square formula, while a house with a triangular shape will use the triangle formula.

Therefore, a good understanding of the shape of a building is very important to be able to calculate its area accurately.

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How to calculate the area of ​​a building using Autocad

If you feel that manual calculations are less accurate, there is an alternative way to calculate the building area using Autocad software. '

Even though the method of using Autocad to calculate the area of ​​a building is more complicated than the manual method, the results will be more accurate.

In using Autocad, you can take advantage of the various features available to measure building dimensions with greater precision.

This makes using Autocad the right choice for professionals in the architectural or construction fields who need very accurate results in measuring building areas.

There are several steps that must be taken to calculate the area via Autocad:Make sure you have a building plan that will be calculated. The floor plan drawing must be accurate and must not be random. Random images and areas that are not neat will affect the resulting calculation numbers.Click on the line in the building plan image, then the line will change to a dotted line.
Apply the “polyline” or “PL” command, then press enter.
Then create a line surrounding the building to be calculated, then click line.
After that, make the command “LIST” or “LI”, then press enter.
Finally, a display will appear showing the area and coordinates of the building or land.

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How to calculate the area of ​​a building based on structure and size provisions

The next calculation you need to know is how to calculate the area of ​​a building by paying attention to the structure and size.

We often know the terms of structure and size as broad limits. The area limit will determine which parts are included or not in the building area calculation.

To find out more details, the points below will explain further regarding how to calculate the area of ​​a building based on structure and size requirements.The floor area is calculated up to the exit wall boundary.
Walls whose height exceeds 1.2 m from the floor, the building will be counted as 100% full. For example, a 5×6 building, if the walls have a height of 1.2 m, the area of ​​the building is 30m2. Meanwhile, if it is less than 1.2 m, it will only be counted in full.
Balconies that have walls less than 1.2 m are not counted in area.
If the terrace has walls with a height of more than 1.2, its area will be calculated as 60%

The structure and size regulations above will usually vary in each region. So you can refer to the regulations that apply in the area where you live.

This is a complete explanation regarding how to calculate the area of ​​a building. It is hoped that it will be useful for those of you who are planning to build or buy a house and land.

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How to calculate the area of ​​a 1-story building

Calculating the building area of ​​a two-story house requires a different approach to a one-story house. First of all, for a one-story house, the first step is to pay attention to the house plan.

Each house has a different shape such as a rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, and so on. By looking at the shape of the house, you can determine the correct calculation formula.

For example, if the house has a rectangular shape, the formula used is length x width. However, if the house is triangular, then the formula used is base x height : 2, which is the formula for calculating the area of ​​a triangle.

It is important to pay attention to the shape and dimensions of the building when calculating the area, so that the results are accurate and in accordance with actual conditions.


The rectangular house is 10 meters long and 7 meters wide towards the back. So, how to calculate the area of ​​the house by applying the square formula to get:

Length = 10 meters

Width = 7 meters

Area = length x width = 10 x 70 = 70 So the area of ​​the building is 70 square meters.

In this article, we have explained how to calculate the area of ​​a building easily and accurately. To calculate the area of ​​a building, careful and careful calculations are required so that the results are accurate.

There are several methods that can be used, such as direct measurement methods, software-assisted measurement methods, and manual calculation measurement methods.

Each method has advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered before choosing the most suitable method.

By mastering how to calculate the area of ​​a building, it is hoped that it can help in estimating renovation or repair costs, as well as help in determining the area needed for certain purposes.

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